who we are

Aston is a performance-driven platform that identifies one-of-a-kind opportunities while offering a diversified portfolio in financial services, real estate, natural resources, infrastructure, food and beverages, technology, education, and health.

Aston Investments spans a wide range of industries in Mexico, Europe, and North America, with particular attention on growth-oriented companies. Its focus is on building long-term value in strong businesses by providing strategic guidance and capital, and by helping companies unlock their potential to succeed in competitive markets.

Real Estate

Aston makes intelligent real estate investments in markets with strong fundamentals. It is focused on investing in various assets through its four operating platforms: Aspen, Akua, Auren, and Abac.

Financial Services

Financial involvement in attractive business opportunities. We provide financial support for small and medium sized enterprises in search of capital to complete their projects.

Natural Resources & Infrastructure

By participating in areas such as water services, clean power, and transportation; we have developed sustainable projects that drive local economic growth, promote job creation, and enhance quality of life.

Food and Beverages

We specialize in providing capital to emerging food and beverage companies that benefit from our value-added services, which include strategic planning, marketing, finance, human resources, and an extensive network that yields growth opportunities.


We strategically invest in the technology industry and provide capital to companies facing strategic and operational inflection points. We are currently investing in software, data, and technology companies with a long-term perspective.


As we venture into the education sector, we are prioritizing organizations that offer innovative solutions and are focused on meeting the increasingly specialized needs of students and professionals.


We target businesses with talented management teams that address the needs of the broader healthcare system by improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and aligning stakeholder incentives.

Our founder

An experienced real estate executive and philanthropist, Manuel Barreiro Castañeda is the founder and chairman of the Aston Group.

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